Should you opt for a Personal Loan for vacation?

A late work bonus or pending appraisal need not hamper your vacation, be it a solo international trip or a fun-filled holiday with your family. You can choose to take a travel loan at a moment’s notice to finance your vacation instead. Then, once you receive a bonus or pay hike, you can repay your Vacation Loan with ease. So, plan a memorable holiday without stressing about the financial aspect. Take a look at why using a Personal Loan for travel is a good idea.

Substantial Loan Amount

Now paying for your visa, flight tickets, accommodation, and other travel expenses is easy. You can ensure that you don’t compromise on your holiday by using funds from your vacation loan. This means that you don’t need to refrain from fine dining experiences, or visiting attractions when you’re on your holiday.

Easy Withdrawal and Repayment

The Personal Loan for Travel also comes with a Flexi Loan facility. With this feature, you can finance unplanned expenses during your vacation without any worry. You can borrow as you much as you need from the total sanction, and pay interest only on the amount that you use. Furthermore, you can also choose to pay interest-only EMIs and repay the principal at the end of the tenor.

Online Access to your Loan Account

Once you avail the loan, your lender will give you credentials that you can use to sign in to your online loan account. This account gives you unlimited access to your loan and its details. You can view and manage this account while you’re in transit, or out and about. So, if you need additional funds to finance an impromptu detour, just click to retrieve loan information and request funds. You can even check loan statements for your travel loan using this online account.

Funds Available on a Collateral-free Basis

A travel loan is a one-of-a-kind, customised Personal Loan. Apart from giving you access to a high loan amount, lenders also offer this loan with a low processing time. One way in which they do this is by offering you a collateral-free sanction. This means that you do not have to put forth a property or any other asset as security to avail the money.

Quick Approval and Disbursal

Choosing a lender like Bajaj Finserv helps you get faster approval on your Personal Loan. Here you can submit a simple online form to get approval within 5 minutes and receive the funds in your account within 24 hours. This feature is especially helpful if you have to finance a last-minute holiday plan.

Easy Eligibility and Minimal Documentation

You can easily apply for the loan if you are 25–58 years old and have a regular income as a self-employed or a salaried professional. Apart from this, most lenders have a minimum salary requirement depending on where you reside.

You can check this, along with the other eligibility parameters by using Personal loan eligibility calculator for a vacation loan. This will helps you to save considerable amount of time and get instant financing to plan your next vacation now!



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