Reasons to visit Sri Lanka in December

If you’ve been wondering where to fly this December, we think we have your next holiday destination sorted. For some peace and quiet, pristine beaches and delectable seafood, Sri Lanka is definitely your ideal holiday spot. If you’re worried about flight prices, VoucherCodesUAE has got you covered. Using the FlyDubai Coupon Code, you can get the cheapest flights available. Take a look at some of the reasons that will motivate you to book tickets as soon as possible:

  1. People

Sri Lanka is known to be multi-cultural and multi-religious. If you’re someone who likes diversity, even when it comes to people there could be no better option. The main inhabitants are the Sinhalese and Tamilians, typically originating from India. However, you are bound to find a number of foreigners as well. Since the time the island became a trading center, the Muslims were attracted. Similarly, the Malays and Chinese reached soon enough. No matter whom you come across, the hospitality is something you will remember for life.

  1. Cultural Heritage

Sri Lanka is the proud home of 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites. If you’re on a short trip, these sites can easily be covered within a span of one week. The Central Highlands, the Cave temple of Dambulla and the Sinharaja Forest Reserve are worth discovering.

  1. Festivals

Due to the number of ethnicities, you can imagine how crowded the festival calendar must be. While numerous festivals take place during different months, I’ll throw light on the ones that take place during December. You could climb Adam’s Peak, this is the time when pilgrims of all faiths start making the ascent, and it goes on until April. The trek generally begins after midnight so that you’ll be in time for sunrise. Unduvap Poya is a full moon day commemorating Sangamitta who brought a cutting from the holy Bodhi tree in 288 BC from India. The ceremonies attract tons of people. Last but not least, there’s Christmas which is unlike any other. You can find scarily thin Santas in weird masks as well as artificial trees.

  1. Spiritual Experiences

If you’re a follower of Buddha or you’re simply keen on learning more about Buddhism, you can plunge into these teachings at places of pilgrimage. A relic of the tooth of Buddha, the holy molar, is located in the royal palace complex of the former kingdom of Kandy. Adam’s peak is another spot that is considered to be very sacred.

  1. Ayurveda

You must have definitely heard of Ayurveda, the 2000 year old Indian medicine. If you’ve wanted to give this a shot, you will find plenty of resorts where you can find meditation or yoga lessons. Or you can simply get a massage as well.

Now that we’ve established why Sri Lanka should be on the top of your list, you can go ahead and book your tickets! You can avail upto 20% off from Colombo to Dubai. For more information, make sure you check out the flydubai voucher and book your tickets using the flydubai coupon code 2018 on VoucherCodesUAE. For ease of booking and updates, you could download the VoucherCodesUAE app on your smartphones.

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