Kanheri Caves: an Offbeat activity in Mumbai

Do you always feel like the monotony of life in Delhi is bothersome, they can head to many parts of the country where there is something or the other going on? One of these places is Mumbai, the city that never sleeps. One can visit some amazing monuments, historic buildings and many other famous places scattered across the city. The foods one can experience in this city are par excellence and some of these are indigenous to this place. It is a delight of a city that one has to experience at least once in their lifetime.

Apart from these very common things, one can do and if one has already come to the city and is looking for an adventure or a sight which remains under the radar; there is one place which is a spectacular sight.

The Kanheri caves are these nestled carvings on huge rocks in Mumbai. It resides on the interior of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and attracts a small share of people who are seeking some isolation and solace. Apart from the caves, one can also witness the amazing waterfall which is just close to the cave. The seasonal waterfall gets plentiful of water from the storm and rains of Mumbai and turns into a majestic looking site. The stupa at the front passageway is enough to leave the guests curious and they often venture in to investigate further.

The site is known for being an effortless wonder and many often come to just wonder at the very simple designs of the cave. Yet this is no easy feat as carving into rocks and making holes huge enough to fit grown men is quite the task. The Kanheri caves used to serve as the main place where Buddhist monks used to convey addresses on the religious writings and fundamental good esteems that one ought to take after and the path that one should take in life.

Aside from the Buddhist Viharas, the Kanheri Caves also features Chaityas which have shaken cut Stupas. Historians and Archaeologists believe that the stupas were a symbol of love and adoration for humankind. Kanheri was a very noteworthy place of artistic activity in Mumbai. After some time it was converted to a place where monks used to come and preach their sermons. They lead a pious and simple life in these areas; hence there was a visible decline in any artistic activity in the region. They preached that humankind should be loved and caressed and that violence is no solution to any problem.

These caves are places where one can find a bit of solace and self-discovery. If one is tired of the hectic life schedules in the city of Delhi and they are also looking to find a place worth visiting, which is unique and can give a great insight into their own lives, Kanheri caves are the place worth that visit. So what are you waiting for? You can now check the Delhi Mumbai flights schedule and book one flight which is most convenient to you.

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