How to Get a Canadian Work Visa – Work Permit Eligibility and Basic Information

Thinking of Canada it is difficult not to conjure up images of safe and sound nature, lakes, and rivers, mountains, and hills in your mind. This country is not only a paradise for nature lovers but also represents the choice of life to a large number of immigrants from all over the world who decide to find work and immigrate permanently to Canada.

Especially students and young people looking for work to relocate to this area of North America.

Let’s now analyze the following topics in detail:

  • Canadian working visa Basic information
  • Working in Canada – Documents necessary to get the visa
  • Why go to work in Canada

Canadian Working Visa: Basic Information

In most of the cases, those who choose to travel to Canada to find employment must acquire a work visa. A specially designed module is contained on the official website of the Canadian Government. By inserting the task into the form and providing a series of personal data, it is possible for anyone to know in real time about the requirements (or not) of having a visa.

The same site is able to provide an estimate of the timing, taking into account the different types of demand. Meanwhile, there might be a few weeks are required to complete the entire procedure. This period is necessary in order to examine the possession of the general eligibility requirements.

They are part of the latter, both the evidence of economic support and the willingness to comply with the provisions of Canadian law. It is important to underline that failure to comply with only one of these requirements may lead to the rejection of the application or, if the Canadian working visa has already been authorized, to the revocation of the same.

Elements such as age, duration of stay at the base of the same can lead to the request for different requirements and to a consequent variation in the way the visa is obtained.

Once the application is submitted on the basis of a specific procedure, which will be described below, it will be the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada to declare the job offer legitimate. Only after obtaining the authorization will it be possible to apply for a work permit.

Arriving in Canadian territory without having the guarantee of a job, if in possession of the necessary requirements you can formulate a request for an “open” work permit.

If the intention is only to go to Canada to visit the country, limited to a stay of fewer than 90 days, and in the absence of the desire to seek work, it is not necessary to have any visa, but an ETA is sufficient (authorization of electronic travel). If, on the other hand, the dream is to move for some time, disentangling the existing Visas is essential to guaranteeing a perfectly legal future.

Working in Canada: Documents Necessary to Get the Visa

Now we come to specify the documents to be presented at the time of the request, otherwise, it is impossible to complete the procedure.

Job Visa Application Form

In addition to the job visa application form (downloadable online in a few seconds), an invitation letter from the company or from the Canadian institution where the worker was hired is required, a second letter describing the recognized professional qualifications to the same (this letter, inevitably, must come from the company where the worker was occupied before moving), the passport (must be valid for at least 180 days), 2 passport photos, the updated curriculum vitae, a document indicating the salary that the worker will receive and the criminal certificates.

With regard to the latter, it is good to specify how they should be related to all the countries in which the applicant was hosted for a period of more than 6 months (only for the years after the age of 18).

Appropriate Program For Startups

A separate procedure is provided for the figure of entrepreneurs. In this case, in fact, the Visa can also be obtained through the appropriate program for startups. On the Canadian government website, it is explained in detail how to get hold of it.

A further Visa is issued to entrepreneurs who demonstrate that they can provide a valuable service through the new activity, creating jobs and helping to improve the level of the local economy.

For both these “special” work visas, it is necessary to submit a self-employment offer within the immigration system, pay the tax required and provide a series of specific documents. Fortunately, the completion of the entire process can take place online, thus speeding up the schedule.

The Canadian tourist visa deserves a special mention. As already clear from the name given to this authorization, to be able to take advantage of those who enter Canadian territory as a real tourist.

This document, obtainable with a shorter timetable and in a simpler way than the other types provided, allows only to reside in the country for a maximum of 3 months without providing the possibility to work. At the end of the 180 days, it is still possible to request a renewal for a further 3 months.

To benefit from this extension, as an alternative to completing the application to be made with the competent authorities as local Canadian immigration consultants, it is possible to leave the national borders and to return later.

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