Haunted Places in New Delhi that Should Not be Visited Alone

New Delhi is known as the city that can turn someones dreams into reality. Being the capital city of India, New Delhi has a number of attractions with its name. The city is well crowded that barely someone will feel alone here. But there are always two sides of a coin. Just flip the coin and you’ll get to see the other side of this city. New Delhi does have some places that require courage to visit alone. These places are known as the top most haunted places in New Delhi. Think twice before visiting these places alone, especially at night.

Delhi Cantonment (South-West Delhi)

This place is known as the most haunted place in New Delhi. Strange things happen here past midnight.  People who have visited this place claims that there’s a middle age woman wearing a white outfit (saree) asks for a lift. It is also said that the same white figure does chase after your vehicle with the same speed if you don’t stop to give her a lift. The darkness of this area will do nothing more but it ensures to take the hell out of your body. Before visiting this place makes sure that the engine of your vehicle is in good condition to drive you safely out from there.

House Number W-3 (Greater Kailash)

The story of this house is not less than a horror Bollywood film story. An old couple was brutally murdered in this house and it is believed that their spirits are still present here. This house is all empty but local people have heard strange voices and murmurs coming from the house. People living here are very much afraid of this house as the horrible laugh can be heard coming from the house. The heaviness in the air around the house gives a feel of the paranormal behavior.

Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque (Mehrauli Archaeological Park)

Yes, it is a popular place for the historic monuments found and visited by many people but it also comes in the list of haunted places in New Delhi. There is one weird fact about this place which is witnessed by many visitors during their visit. There are strange voices which call people inside the central dome of the mausoleum. A person also complains that they feel an invisible gaze following them inside the premises of the monument.

Lothian Cemetery (Nicholson Cemetery)

There is this cemetery located at a distance of a half kilometer from Kashmiri Gate and was built during the British Era. This place is haunted by a headless soldier who had committed suicide over a spurned love relationship. It is said that the ghost becomes more prominent on a full moonlight and desperately search for his lost love. The ghost of headless Soldier has been seen by the local people that make this place a haunted place in New Delhi.

Khooni Nadi (Rohini)

As the name suggests this river is quite scary. This river sucks you inside it like a Bermuda Triangle and you’ll never get a chance to come out of it. Yes, you read it right. This KhooniNadi in Rohini has taken the lives of many people. All those who dared to go inside this river never came back.

Chor Minar(Hauz Khas)

Hauz Khas is a very popular place among the youths of New Delhi. It is believed that the holes in the Minar were barbed with weapons which drag the head of thieves’ during the era of Ala-ud-din Khilji. The spirits of those thieves haunt people during the night.

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Then do visit these places but at your own risk.

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