Get Emergency Medical Help With Travel Insurance In India!

Traveling in itself can be very unpredictable regardless of whether it is within the country or abroad. While some uncertainties are comfortable to handle, the others are fatal if not handled in time and carefully. Medical emergencies are one of the unexpected events during your travel that come uninvited. The domestic travel insurance policy will help you handle such emergencies with minimum possible hurdles.

How Does the Medical Emergency Arise in Traveling?

Although emergencies cannot be predicted in advance, medical emergencies are usually either due to an injury in accident or health issues. A road accident away from the city may leave you in a helpless condition, and you may not find a doctor or hospital nearby. If the treatment is not available in time, lives may be under threat.

Many times, due to outstation food and unfamiliar weather, you might suffer from minor diseases such as fever, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal illness, respiratory illness or any similar issues.

In either case, finding reliable doctor and hospital is not easy in the unknown city. Moreover, the delay may cause further damage and lead to death also. The barriers like language problem, unavailability of the vehicle, unknown route to rush the hospital, lack of trustworthy advice and similar reasons increases the hassles and stress in the emergency.

How does the travel insurance help to address medical emergency?

As soon as you face a medical emergency, all you need to do is call the helpline number of your domestic travel insurance company. The insurance company takes the processes forward to connect you with the nearest hospital and send the ambulance at the spot of emergency.

Once you inform the insurance company about the basic details of your problem and your location, the insurance company uses it a pre-existing set of network and people to assist you in the earliest possible time. Make sure to provide your domestic travel policy number and other details related to your emergency so that the insurance company can make the arrangement as soon as possible to help you.

What If I am Running Out of Money During a Medical Emergency?

Upon your request to the insurance company, your emergency medical bill can be paid by the insurance company. The bill payment is based on assistance, that you have to return the money to the insurance company within a month’s time. If you repay the money within a month’s time, no interest amount is charged.  There is also an option with travel insurance policy to cover your outstation medical insurance without the need of repayment from your side.

Moreover, the insurance company arranges a small amount of cash to you as an emergency assistance, that can be repaid by you to the company within a month’s time without any interest charges.

How Do I Select a Good Domestic Travel Insurance Company?

There are many insurance companies offering you domestic travel insurance in India. You may find little variation in the insurance premium. For example, Bajaj Finserv provides you “Free smartphone replacement” under domestic travel insurance policy. In an unfortunate event of an accident, you may lose your smartphone, or it may get damaged. Such a small but useful gesture outweighs the insurance premium or other features that may not be useful. Moreover, you can check the network of hospitals and workshops available with the insurance company. The reputation of the company, claim settlement history and friendly behavior are some of the essential criteria to select good domestic travel insurance company.

When Should I Not Call Domestic Travel Insurance Company?

You can rightfully call the insurance company during an emergency when you have availed domestic travel insurance. However, the assessment of real urgency and faster response is a critical factor in deciding. For example, in case of a minor injury that does not give life threat or does not involve serious repercussions should be handled by yourself. In many instances, local people can help you faster than customer support in insurance company to locate hospital and doctor. You can, later on, call the insurance company for additional help or to register the claim. Like any other insurance, domestic travel insurance is to give you relief as a helping hand in an unexpected condition. It must be used for genuine need.

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