10 Incredible Places to see in Asia

Asia, that continent in which most travelers feel happy, that place that hooks and where we all want to return sooner rather than later. That corner of the world that is an explosion of colors, flavors, smells and sensations, many times difficult to explain. Asia, that name to which we assure you, will be bound forever once you have set foot in it.

Although any place you visit will always be a success, we leave you with a selection of 10 incredible places to see in Asia.

1- Taj Mahal, India

A tear on the cheek of time, so calls the most beautiful monument built for love. We will not be the ones who deny such an affirmation and it is that any adjective, for a topic that may seem to you, falls short when you are facing this incredible work of the human being. The Taj Mahal is incredible, majestic, extremely beautiful to gratify the obscene at times like dawn or sunset. We advise you not to stay with only the most typical view. Approach when the sun is about to set on the opposite bank of the Yamuna River and you can enjoy unique views of the museum while traveling through the Palace on Wheels luxury train.

2- The Great Wall, China

With 21196 kilometers long, 6 to 7 meters high and 4 to 5 meters wide, the Great Wall of China is a symbol not only of the country but also of the world and is that there is no traveler who has not dreamed of time to step on it.

We recommend that you flee from the areas closest to Beijing, such as Badaling, which can be quite touristy and encourage you to enter the Great Wall through some of its less restored sections, such as the area of Jinshanling or Simatai, between those that you can do a trekking, quite arduous but that will leave some images that will never be erased from your retinas.

3- Borobudur, Indonesia

Considered the largest Buddhist monument in the world, Borobudur is a great mandala sculpted in stone, in which after traversing it clockwise, we will reach its highest part, a place that represents Nirvana.

We recommend you arrive early in the morning when the sun begins to break through the vegetation, to enjoy the place practically in solitude.

4- Bagan, Myanmar

Increasingly touristy Bagan is one of those places where temples, pagodas and a special energy come together to form one of the 10 incredible places to see in Asia.

If you can, do not miss flying over the whole balloon, an experience that is not excessively cheap, but that will surely leave an unforgettable memory.

5- Shirakawa-go, Japan

To get closer to this traditional Japanese town in the Alps is to go back in time. If we add to that the possibility of getting here in winter, when the snow takes over the landscape, we assure you that it will cost you to turn your back on one of the most wonderful landscapes in the country.

6- Maldives

If paradise had a name of its own, that would undoubtedly be the Maldives. 1,190 coral islands, 26 large atolls bathed by the Indian Ocean that show us the most perfect face of beauty with white sand beaches, turquoise and crystal clear waters surrounded by palm trees that make the Maldives a true paradise, outside and inside the water.

7- Buddha of Aukana, Sri Lanka

Take off your shoes, advance a few meters and find yourself face to face with the Buddha of Aukana, one of the most beautiful Buddha images you can see in the world. Impose Not in vain are 13 meters sculpted in rock, which shows us one of the best examples, they say, of the standing Buddha sculptures.

Relax, enjoy the silence and join one of the most incredible places in Sri Lanka.

8- Beaches of Thailand

There are many types of beaches, better and worse and then there are the beaches of Thailand. And it is that coming to this country and not spending a few days on its beaches is almost like not having been. Although today many of them are too overcrowded, there are still many corners in which those postcard images that we all have in our heads when we think of the beaches of Thailand are kept.

9- Angkor, Cambodia

What can we say about Angkor that has not already been said? Absolutely nothing and that is that Angkor is that kind of places to which the photographs do not do justice and there is nothing better than seeing them in person and keeping the image forever in the retina. You sign up?

10- Halong Bay, Vietnam

Barclays with colored candles rocking between impossible rock figures that form inside one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Going into it, either for a few hours or for a few days, in one of the boats that make different routes, is one of the best memories you can take from one of the most impressive countries in Asia.

Embark your journey and make the Palace on Wheels train booking online to see the incredible places to see in Asia.

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