Top 7 Free Messaging Apps for Android Phone

Technology has not only helped the common people to connect with each other, but it has also helped organizations to conduct businesses around the globe. Now it doesn’t matter how far the user is from friends and family user can text them, talk to them even see each other through video calling. It has brought people really close comparatively.

The user can share photos, videos, documents. It is not really a big deal in today’s world. A user may be on the other side of the world but Messaging Apps never lets the user feel far away from their loved ones.

The trend of App Messaging App in Market

 There are lots of apps in the android market who provide such services and connectivity. Using them the user can send text, Files, Documents, Photos, Audio and video files. All users need is an android device and an internet connection.  At this point, there is a concern: Out of thousands of apps who offer a similar service, which one to use? This is probably the most obvious question that confuses the users. Users are supposed to be confused because before installing any app on the phone.

  1. Go SMS Pro

It is one of the most popular apps for sending SMS. Go SMS Pro has lots of amazing features. It has hundreds of personalized themes and stickers which keep on increasing. There is a Private box in which a user can encrypt messages and protect user privacy. SMS blocker blocks blacklisted keywords and filter spam messages. The amazing feature is that the user can schedule the message to be sent. Such amazing features make the Go SMS Pro one of the best free messaging app in the market.

  1. Whatsapp

Needless to say, WhatsApp is the most popular app when it comes to free messaging. This free messaging app took the market by storm. WhatsApp is the first app which pops up in our mind when we think about free texting app. With the annual subscription fee is only 0.99$, it has got more than 1 billion downloads. The user can share everything user want pictures, videos, and even voice messages. A user can form groups; there is no hassle of passwords, passcodes. The app is very user-friendly. And whooping take-over by Facebook has spurred its popularity.

  1.  SnapChat

The popularity of SnapChat is increasing gradually. According to the tech market gurus, it might be the biggest competitor of WhatsApp. Its unique feature which allows its users to share images and videos quickly and privately and the best thing is that the pictures get automatically deleted after a while, which keeps the user phone memory free and improves the mobile performance. A user can also edit the images they want to forward. All these amazing features make this app outstanding and unique in this queue.

  1. Chomp SMS

No other app gives as much freedom as Chomp SMS gives to their users. With more than 800 pleasant emotions, the user can express them self as much user want. It also has some noteworthy features which no other messaging apps have. Had user ever believe that they will be able to stop a text while sending? The answer is No right? Well with Chomp SMS user can now stop a text while sending. There are lots of cool features in the app like passcode lock, privacy options, scheduled SMS sender, birthday reminders and multi-screen picture gallery. The user can also create their own signature, which is pretty cool. And block the unwanted contact and spammers.

  1. Skype

Skype is the most widely used application by businesses as well as by common people for audio calls, audio conferences, and video calls. The user can transfer documents of all formats. Most important there is also a facility for sending text messages. It is one of the most popular applications among desktop of users. Now Skype is also available for Android devices. Some of the features are paid, but the free version is amazing too. With more than 500 million downloads it is widely used by Android users. There is a facility of group chat too.

  1. Handscent SMS

Handscent has many amazing features which make it different from other free messaging apps. There is a feature called Handscent Anywhere. It is a tool which helps user send messages from user desktop as well as the tablet. If the user is using a tablet, the user doesn’t have to keep checking their phone. A user can set up different tone, vibrating style for each contact. One of the best features is that it supports 20 languages. A user can send bulk SMS and chat in groups. The user can blacklist, filter words and filter number by prefix. The user can send Ecards to friends and family members on holidays and birthdays. There is a private box in which the user can hide their messages. A user can set up a password and back it up on the cloud. It is not that fancy in looks, but it has one of the most astonishing features.

  1. Kik

With more than 50 million users Kik is another fun app. The user doesn’t need a phone number to use this app user just need to set up a username. The user gets the celebrity news, videos, gif’s user can share these with friends. The user can download famous rage faces and hilarious south park memes. Kik is getting popular day by day among the users. It is the first messenger with its own browser.

Last words

The traditional SMS text message is now out-of-date. Now it’s time for an easy-to-use messaging app with is easy to connect the user around the world. WhatsApp, snapchat and other apps all offer free text messaging. These messages apps are featured with options for voice, video, and file-sharing to other users. There are more than dozen different options that give online user new ways to stay in touch with friends and family.

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