Data Revolution in India

We can finally declare that the data revolution has touched India as now the telecom operators charge for data and no longer for voice. Although it took time and it was only after the advent of 4G technology, yet we can feel pride for our achievement. And now India has almost over 460million internet users, thus becoming the second largest online market. It is also projected that India will overtake China as the number of internet users is expected to grow at 635.8 million with in 2021. Last year Ericsson in its mobility report had suggested that the monthly data consumption per smartphone in India will grow fivefold from 3.9 GB in 2017 to 18 GB by 2023. It is of no doubt that we are now uploading, sharing and receiving more data than ever. Thus Big Data analytics is also playing an important role by helping business ventures, banking corporations and government institutions alike.

Understanding Big data and its importance

The term Big Data refers to a series of activities, starting from receiving to managing and then to processing huge sets of data. Previously as the quantity of data was short, common database managing tools had been sufficient. But with humongous quantities of data a dedicated tool like the Hadoop is required. With the data volumes growing enormously, Big data analytics is an advanced solution to the problem of processing such huge sets of data. From Multinational companies to Government institutions and from the world of sports to the field of healthcare, Big data analytics has found application everywhere.

 Impacts of Big data in India

  • Big data analytics has shown the way for startup ventures in India who needs to survive under a competitive environment. This in turn is helping the economy.
  • India the second most popular country in the world creates massive sets of data which can only be analyzed under a Big data environment.
  • India is diverse in every possible way. From a multitude of languages to a panorama of unique cultures, India is unique. For business enterprises to effectively advertise and market,Big data analytics seems to be the only possible way.

Challenges which can be overcome by Big data

  • The menace of fake news is ravaging our country right now. Multiple efforts are made to nip the origin of fake news in the bud. And for that technology of Big data is of utmost importance.
  • The banking institutions too suffer from frequent fraud and big data analytics can help them to avoid such frauds big time.
  • Big data analytics in sports industry too looks good in India as many tournaments are played all around the year and most are immensely popular. Just like EPL, IPL too can be helped by Big data.
  • The healthcare industry in India provides health services to a record number of patients each year. Big data can significantly increase the service providing capability by reducing time and labor.

Demand for trained professionals

Individuals trained in Big data or students pursuing Big data Hadoop certification are in demand now. As the number of applicable field for Big data is many, the demand for such individuals will not fall soon.  A number of places now offer Big data Hadoop certification in India and if one earns such a certificate he will most certainly find a good job.

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