Top Factors to Consider While Buying a Hand Dryer

If you have your own restaurant, shop or your own office, you should install a hand dryer that can make your employers as well as the customers happy. People will look for washing hands after having foods in restaurants. You can keep paper towels for them to wipe hands, but you have to supply it in the lot and the cost will be more. Instead of paper towels, if you install a hand dryer, that will be your one-time investment and there won’t be any recurring cost. But, before installing a hand dryer India, you need to know certain things. Read on to know more-

  1. Cost– This is one of the major consideration while you want to buy a hand dryer. It is true that a hand dryer is quite expensive, but this is a one-time investment while you have to spend a lot on paper towels. If you are in the business, your main aim must be getting more profit while investing less. Buying a hand dryer is, therefore, a great option. If you try to buy an energy efficient model, you can save much on that.
  2. Speed– While buying a hand dryer online, you should consider the speed quality of the equipment. Remember, no one wants to be in the bathroom for long. You should buy the hand dryer that can dry your customers’ hand within 45 seconds. There are certain models which take around 1 minute or so. Those are less powerful. Here, you have to consider what your customers will need.
  3. Energy Efficient– Energy efficiency is a major concern for all nowadays. If you go for more powerful hand dryers, they are quite energy efficient. As they dry your hand quickly, they are more powerful. Try to buy an automatic hand dryer which only works while you put your hands under the machine. This also helps in lesser wastage of energy. You can also buy eco-friendly products as they are energy efficient too.
  4. Power– While buying the best hand dryer, you should also check out the power of it. If you buy the high-powered hand dryer it will be a bit noisy and it also cost more energy. But, remember, customers may bear the noise if they get their hand dried within 10 seconds. You should also be prepared to pay for the more energy it consumes.
  5. Noise– This is quite simple. If you want a device that produces less noise, you have to go for a machine that uses less power. But, here you have to compromise the efficiency. What you can do is to buy an adjustable model where you can control the noise while the machine is not in use.

These are a certain consideration you have to think about while buying a hand dryer for your shop, restaurant or office. Once you go on buying it, you can find different types of machine on the market. Choose the best one and make the best use of it to satisfy your customers and clients.

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