The Benefits of Chatbots in the E-commerce Industry.

The internet has become a great tool for online shopping in recent times. It has been the driving force behind the exponential growth of the e-commerce industry. Most companies are vying by establishing a strong online presence as the competition has turned digital. Several methods of online shopping have developed and they range from social media applications to websites. These platforms need to be updated regularly to offer customers a seamless experience while purchasing items and making the user interface simpler. Chatbot in ecommerce industry has become the new trend that most companies are employing in order to stay ahead of their competition. These chatbots have been employed to solve the customer’s grievances easily and smoothly. These chatbots improve customer interaction and offer a symbiotic customer support which maintains customer loyalty.

Benefits of using chatbots

  1. Reduced the abandonment rate

Chatbots automatically track the items placed by the customer in their shopping carts and it has been observed that this practice helps in reducing cart abandonment by 70%. The chatbot sends notifications to the customer when the purchased is not completed by the customer. This makes the customer return to complete his/her purchases. This ultimately increases the number of sales and conversions.

  1. Generation of new leads
    The new leads are generated by through social media marketing. People are more interested in conversations above filling long forms and this is achieved by using the best chatbot platform for e-commerce. Chatbots adapt a human interface that makes the customer feel that he/she is conversing with a human being while the form details are filling up. This converts the customer into a new lead with their details.
  2. Marketing of new products

Chatbots track the purchasing behavior of the customer and send new and improved push notifications to notify the customer about new products based on their taste. The customer feels more appreciated rather than irritated with these personalized notifications and helps in increasing sales. Chatbots are also used to display and explain the new products and business services of a company to the customer.

  1. Customer service 24/7

Chatbots don’t sleep or differ with respect to time zones. This helps in providing customer service 24/7 to anyone sitting in any remote corner of the world with the least amount of error. This enhances the consumer experience and makes the customer less frustrated while conversing with the chatbot. The conversation is also recorded and used for the feedback learning process of the chatbot which helps it produce better results for a new customer.

  1. Operational costs are reduced marginally

Companies have to shell out $1.3 trillion to service approximately 265 billion customer requests and grievances. The AI chatbots significantly reduce these costs and save 30% for all businesses. Chatbots do the job of solving repetitive queries that are asked by customers that don’t warrant the need for a customer service agent. The customer service officers can then provide solutions to more complex queries and change the dynamic of the services provided to customers.

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