Guide to Gifting in a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships can be quite a challenge for most. You probably don’t see your significant other for months and you only connect to them through calls or video call (shout-out to technology). But along distance relationship also has its perks that are incredible since we all know that distance makes the heart grow fonder. However, it is essential for the two lovers to stay connected & feel loved and for that they need to put in a little effort for each other. A sweet surprise visitor a little surprise gift every now and then will surely make them feel weak in the knees and keep the relationship from losing its magic. One of the most classic gift combinations for your loved one is a delectable cake and some fresh fragrant flowers. So, here is our guide to help you choose the perfect cake and flowers to surprise your lover.


You can find a variety of absolutely mouth-watering cakes from online cake shop in Jaipur at various price ranges to fit your budget. What more? They will have your gifts delivered to any doorstep you wish within the city. So when you are away from the love of your life in another city, you can still surprise your love conveniently.

You can choose from a variety of flavors that your significant other will love to bits. You can go for classic flavors like a black forest or chocolate truffle or try something new and exciting like coconut chocolate cake or mango mousse cake. Fruity flavored cakes like the heart shape pineapple cake or the sweet and sour strawberry cake are very refreshing for the summer time and also a great choice if your girlfriend or boyfriend does not enjoy rich flavors of chocolate. One of the most gorgeous and romantic looking cake available in the shop is the heart-shaped red velvet cake, which has “I will never stop loving you” on top of it. So, you can imagine the cakes not only taste sweet but also makes one’s heart flutter.


You might think it is almost impossible to get the man of your life or your lady love a bunch of fresh flowers when you are miles away from them. You will be surprised to know that you can now order flowers online in Jaipur and have them delivered you the very doorstep of your loved one just by the push of a few buttons. Red roses are an epitome of beauty and have become a classic symbol of love and romance. So you can send a simple bunch of these beauties along with your cake. But if you want to go all out then go for an exquisite flower arrangement. A gorgeous and extravagant heart-shaped arrangement of 100 roses is perfect for special occasions. Or you can send a cute basket of velvety red roses dotted with the luxurious chocolates from Ferrero Rocher along with the cake.

Don’t think anything else; just thinks cakes and flowers to maintain the love and sweetness in your long distance relationship.

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