Toxic Habits That Lead To Hair Loss

Many of us cannot stick to the natural routine of early to bed and early to rise. And when major disruptions in this routine occur, it causes severe alterations in the biological clock and messes up the bodily functions.The endocrine system is baffled, and that leads to faulty functioning of hormones- one of the major causes of hair loss.Apart from this, binge eating on junk foods and drinks can cause stomach problems, which are directly connected with the health of the hair.

A lack of protein in the diet can mess with the hair health. Since proteins account for more than 90% of each of the hair strand, hence, a protein rich diet is very essential for maintaining healthy hair.Therefore whenever the level of protein in the diet falls below what is required as a daily requirement, body automatically consumes protein from the hair. This way the growth cycle of the hair reaches the resting phase resulting in minimal to no hair growth.Since hair strands are made up of maximum amount of protein, whenever there is a shortage of the former, the body takes up proteins from the hair.The vegetarian people are reportedly found to be at a high risk of undergoing severe hair loss, due to a deficiency of protein in their diet.

Next comes dandruff, which is common to people of every climatic conditions. Be it humid or arid or cold and dry, dandruff occur in all seasons. Choosing the world’s best dandruff shampoo will definitely reduce your stress of falling hair. At the same time it will also protect your hair from damage. The dead skin cells on the scalp gives rise to dandruff mostly.also A deficiency of Vitamin B in the diet can lead to flaky and dry scalp, which aggravate the dandruff problem.Indulging in green leafy vegetables, cereals, fruits,seeds, good oils etc. can compensate the deficiency of Vitamin B and cobalamins.Needless to say a diet rich in iron, selenium, sulphur, along with proteins, vitamins can restore the normal and healthy hair growth.

Apart from vitamin B, Vitamin D3 also plays a major role in maintaining the hair health. In case of a severe deficiency of vitamin D3, telogen effluvium results. In this type of hair loss, the hair thins out mostly. But this is a slow and temporaryphenomenon, because the hair on scalp becomes thin gradually. Since a major quantity of them enters into the resting phase altogether, the individual tends to lose a lot of their hair all of a sudden, when theillness has already progressed to an advanced stage. In case if the person develops a dandruff problem in addition to this, using only a dandruff shampoo is not enough.Applying a dandruff shampoo conditioner liberally on the lower portion of the hair,provides additional protection from environmental damage.

Experts always advise to use a conditioner after applying shampoo, because conditioners tend to seal the moisture into the hair strands, making thenresistant to dryness.

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