5 Tips For Painting The Interiors Of A House

Whether you’re tired of the good ol’ painting of your house, planning to move in a preloved home, doing a general repair and renovation or just seeking out that occasional home update, painting the interiors of a house is both challenging and exciting.

We have gathered all the tips and tricks to ensure that your new painting job will be as smooth and as suave as you imagined it to be. Continue reading to learn more about the secrets of the pros and achieve the results you want.

1) Wait For The Right Timing

Did you know that painting during winter season has more advantages than doing it during the summer season? This is because during winter, there is less humidity that can slow down the drying process of the paint.

During summer when humidity is at its peak, paint drippings can usually occur. You would not want that, would you? But if you must do the painting job during the humid weather, use slow drying paint to give you more room to correct mistakes.

During the wintry goodness of the weather, the air is dry, almost to a crisp. To get more of the benefits of this temperature, make sure to open your windows in order to ventilate the room being painted.

2) Consider The Surface Material

The most common mistake in painting interior of a house that people do is not considering the surface material to be painted. Different materials and different surfaces require different paintsthat best suit them.

There are lots of interior wall paints available in the market. You just have to choose which ones you like to see everyday and which ones will last.

Be careful though as painting prefab homes and painting traditional stick-built homes have very different requirements.

The majority of prefab homes, if not all, use vinyl on gypsum wall panels (VOG panels) for their walls. As this is the case, make sure to choose a paint that sticks well on this kind of surfaces.

Choosing the right paint and painting materials will make all the difference in the finished product of your painting job.

3) Do The Right Prepping

You might have noticed that almost all pro painting jobs have very smooth and delicate finishes. What’s the secret behind this? A good prepping.

Start by smoothing out all uneven surfaces, cracks, and residual paint. You can do this by sanding the surface in order to make a smooth, flat surface.

As we have said a while ago, always consider the surface material. Depending on the material or surface, the hardware store will have all your sandpaper needs.

Sanding can be done in many different ways. You can make use of pole sanders fitted with 120-grit papers or use a sanding sponge; it will all depend again on the surface and on your preference.

Before sanding, you can make use of primers. After the primer dries you can then proceed to sanding the surface to dust off excess paint or debris.

4) Do Not Compromise On Quality

It is an undeniable fact: Quality materials produce quality finished products. Because painting services in alfords point is a very big home update, do not ever compromise on the quality of your paint and paint materials.

After all, What is being put at stake here is one of your biggest investments, your home. However, expensive does not always mean the best and you do not need to make holes in your pocket to achieve great results.

Consider asking friends, relatives or people knowledgeable on good paints and painting materials for good and reliable suggestions. You may even ask the merchandiser at the hardware store for great paint advices.

Remember that high-quality brushes and rollers will do a smoother job in transferring paint on the surface than the dollar store cheap roller that may even leave the surface with unsightly streaks and brush marks.

Moreover, investing on great paints will ensure that your painting job will last longer than if you use cheap paint that can crack at the slightest force.

5) Know When to DIY and When To Seek Home Painting Services

Since a paint job update is no joke and can cost you a lot, DIY-ing may after all, be a good idea. However, some tasks are more complicated than it seems.

If you’re planning to do a DIY painting job, make sure to first evaluate yourself if this is really the way to go. Otherwise, you may end up doing more damage than improvement to your interior walls. This may cause you even more financial strain than what is necessary.

If after thorough thinking, you decide on seeking the services of home painting companies, make sure to canvass prices first. Get recommendations and check if their works are of good and reliable quality.

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