What Do You Think About Cyber Knife Treatment?

Of all the modern medical discoveries cyberknife treatment in India happens to be the latest on the blog. In the treatment of radiosurgery, it has gone on to open a new approach as well. It works out to be an outpatient procedure where the cancer cells are being destroyed by the process of radiation beams. The major benefit of this form of surgery is that there are no side effects along with the risks that arise due to the conventional form of surgery as well. Radiation could reach out to the affected area and it could reach any part of the human body as well.

The preparations in relation to the surgery

  • Before the treatment begins a mask will be provided. The main objective would be to minimize movement. In doing so it becomes a painless and simple procedure
  • Before the procedure, you can expect a CT scan to be done. The oncologist and surgeon will try to scan the exact area as far as possible. The location and the shape of a tumor would be targeted with an eye on the surrounding areas as well.
  • Once the results are in front of a CT scan. Then the surgeon will try to figure out the direction, intensity along with the number of radiation beams that would need to reach out to the target. The main objective of this course of treatment would be to damage the tumor without tampering too much of the surrounding tissue as well.
  • The onus is on the doctor to choose forward or inverse planning of treatment. This would also depend on a case-to-case basis as well.

The steps of the procedure 

  • Once the surgery is about to commence, the patient would be fitted with a customized plastic mask. This is normally undertaken for cranial tumors. The patient needs to lie down on the treatment table.
  • Before the actual treatment of the radiation therapy begins, an imaging system would be undertaken of the x-ray position in relation to the patient position. You can expect that this information would be combined with the one that is obtained from the CT scan.
  • You can expect the position to be repeated around 40 to 150 times. This would be till the point of time that the patient goes on to complete the treatment. At recurring intervals of time, the robot would go on to stop and additional x rays need to be called as well. this would allow the cyber knife to track the small movements of the patients

The whole process seems to be a painless affair and it would take hardly an hour in order to provide all he radiation treatments. Most times than not the patient can go back home on an immediate basis and resume their activities. If the process does appear to be a bit staged then the patient would need to go for a separate visit. Then the same process needs to be repeated for the course of treatment as well.

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