Understanding how Follistatin 344 works to increase Muscle Mass

A lot of bodybuilders across the world are looking for follistatin 344 for sale because of its popularity. The supplement gained popularity because of its ability to increase lean tissue mass rapidly. This gives bodybuilders advantage in a competitive setting.

Follistatin 344 and muscle growth

Follistatin binds to and inhibits transforming growth factor peptides that are responsible for limiting and regulating the growth of muscles. An example of these peptides is the myostatin which may also have a role in the regulation of skeletal muscle fibrosis. Too much of this peptide can impair the function of tissues and cause chronic disease in important organs, bone marrow and tissues.

Follistatin also suppresses the synthesis of the pituitary gland and the secretion of follicle stimulation hormone. High levels of this hormone in men indicate that the testicles are not functioning efficiently. Low levels of this hormone can also impact the reproductive capabilities and the general health negatively.

Building muscles

The truth is that follistatin 344 is one of the most popular steroids online that build muscles. This is not necessarily in humans because numerous studies have indicated that the supplement can also increase muscle growth in rodents.

The bad news about human grade follistatin

The bad news about human grade follistatin is that the supplement is extremely expensive and it can go up to 4500 dollars for just a milligram. Some websites selling the supplement insist that they only sell the supplement for research purposes and not for human use.

This does not stop bodybuilders from looking for follistatin 344 for sale. Some users have claimed that follistatin increases their mass but also increases their appetite and this led to more intakes of calories. Any time you increase your caloric requirement you will increase your weight. This is okay among some users and not okay among others.

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