Is a contraction timer of importance when you are pregnant?

A feeling that you are heading to labor may warrant a use of contraction timer pregnancy. This enables you to figure out whether to you need to head to a hospital. With a stop watch or calculator you can keep a track of the contractions, but it cannot be accurate. A contraction timer online is an asset to the would be mothers. There are some contraction tools available in the market that goes on to record automatically. Just download it and if the situation arises you can present it to your family or friends.

The moment you feel a sensation of tightening it is better to press the start button. This could be felt from the inside or placing your hand on the belly. This signals the process of a single contraction. The moments you feel a relaxation of the uterus press the stop button. Continue with the same procedure in order to time the contractions. To be aware of the length or frequency of contractions close to 6 or 8 readings are needed. This would enable you to figure out how far are the contractions apart.

If you are part of regular contractions where cervical changes are anticipated before 37 weeks of your pregnancy it is termed as preterm contractions. The true ones start at the back and make a move towards your abdomen. False ones known as Braxton Hicks take place in the belly and cause the belly to become hard. They are not going to be painful and you might feel 4 to 5 emerging at a single go. The true ones with the passage of time become stronger and painful. With false contraction it prepares the body for the hard days ahead. They are not painful and irregular in stature. They emerge around the 5th month and fade on its own before delivery takes place.

Replicating a feeling of going to labor is pretty much like period gains that can spread from mild to severe. You could be suffering from cramps, backache or it can be a combination of both. Acne or heaviness in the lower portion of the tummy can be felt as well. With the false one it is felt in the groin or the front area. It could take place at the back but never is it going to move towards the front.

In case if the contraction becomes 3 to 4 minutes apart and are not going to have any impact even if you are lying on the side, it means that delivery is due. Just proceed to the hospital or get in touch with your gynaecologist. You have to provide your doctor with the details of each contraction and explain to them that they are coming stronger and closer .It is not a sensible approach to start counting in the middle phase of a contraction. If you missed one wait for the next one to start.

To conclude, a contraction timer would be of help, but it can never replace medical advice.

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