Does The Flu Vaccine Give You The Flu? Find Out!

Flu season is upon us which means it’s a very good time to dispel a lot of misinformation you may have about the virus and the vaccine; its treatment and recovery.

Your primary care physician will tell you that one of the biggest reasons people give for not getting vaccinated against influenza is they believe that getting a flu shot will give them the flu. This is one of the most common myths about the flu there is.

Let’s set the record straight: Nobody catches the flu from the flu vaccine. The vaccine cannot transmit the virus because it is made from an inactivated virus. It is biologically impossible for you to get the flu from the vaccine.

What you are getting injected with is a ‘killed virus’. There are some proteins that are taken from the surface of the dead virus and these proteins prompt your immune system, but they will not be enough to become the flu.

Sometimes after getting the vaccine, the site of the injection can become a little sore. Other times the patient may come down with a cold around the same time and mistakenly believe that it was caused by the vaccine.

Since most people get their flu shots in the late fall, this coincides with the time rhinoviruses are circulating. Talk to the doctors at your Urgent Care Clinic in Los Gatos so that they can ease your mind. Even though a cold is not the flu, colds can still make you really sick so that you may think you have the flu.

Symptoms You May Feel After Your Flu Shot

One of the best things you can do to keep healthy during flu season is to go to your Best Urgent Care Center and get yourself and everyone in your family vaccinated. There are some however that may experience symptoms.

  • There are a small percentage of people who will feel soreness in the arm that got the shot. This may last a few hours to a day, but it will go away.
  • Some people may feel fatigued or even get a little headache. This is NOT the flu. Your Primary Care Physician will assure you that it’s just your body’s immune system reacting to the vaccine. This is nothing to worry about.
  • You may have already had the virus if you were exposed to it from in infected person without realizing it. Your shot won’t reach full effectiveness until about 2- 3 weeks after the vaccination and your body needs time to adjust.

Everyone, every year should get a flu shot. Even if every time you get one, you have a mild reaction. Some people are happy to brag that they have never had the flu nor have they ever gotten a flu shot but this is taking a gamble.

Completely healthy young adults with no medical risks can catch the flu and get so sick they have to go the hospital. In some rare cases flu can even become fatal. It’s better to just take the time to go to your Urgent Care Clinic in Los Gatos, get vaccinated and be healthy!

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