Coping with the issue of depression when you are pregnant

Pregnancy is assumed to be one of the happiest times in the life of a woman, but in case of some it could be a state of stress, confusion, and on top of that depression. With pregnancy depression medication you can get a certain degree of relief, but most of the women do struggle to cope up with the issue of depression when pregnant. This does assume to be disorder that affects 1 out of 3 women when they are pregnant. It should not be a surprise that women who are pregnant do succumb to it. The sad part is that depression in pregnancy medication is often not diagnosed and people consider it as some form of hormonal imbalance.

If you make such an assumption this could prove to be dangerous for both the mother along with the developing baby. To a certain degree depression is an illness that can be treated and managed when you are pregnant. But the key would be to identify and seek emotional support at the earliest.

Depression during the tenure of pregnancy is mood swings pretty much on the lines of clinical depression. You can term it as a form of biological disorder that alters changes in the chemistry of the brain. When you are pregnant, the hormone changes go on to have an impact on the chemicals that are present in the brain. This does have a direct relation on anxiety along with depression. All this can be compounded by various difficult situations in life that could lead to depression when you become pregnant.

If you ignore depression it could have fatal consequences for both the mother along with the baby. This could go on trigger suicidal behaviour, poor nutrition, smoking, drinking etc. The most important point of consideration would be that woman who appears to be depressed does not have strength to take care of the developing baby. They tend to be less active; the attention span is less and become more agitated in comparison to mothers who are not depressed. For this reason it assumes a lot of importance to seek the right type of help for both the mother as well as the baby.

The moment you feel that you have issues with depression it does become important that you seek help. Do discuss with your doctor about your struggles and how you are planning to cope up with it. The health care provider would want the best in terms of treatment for both the mother along with the baby and discuss the treatment options with you.

Still now a lot of debate exists on the long term impact of medicines when you are depressed. Studies show that certain medicines that are taken for depression could trigger heart problems or pulmonary hypertension in case of new born babies. It would be perfect if a woman goes on to joining a support group and engages in some light form of therapy. These augers well for a woman who is struggling to cope up with depression.

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