Shocking Risks of Consuming Fast Food

It is not shocking that fast foods have a dark side. Many research studies have shown that processed foods and fast foods are related to diabetes, heart disease, increased childhood obesity, and several other chronic conditions. Other than the abnormal weight gain, researchers and scientists indicated that fast food can actually result in serious brain depletion.

This is the main reason why doctors always promote the consumption of healthy food and beverages. Even when it comes to gaining weight in weight training, avoiding junk food and consuming the best bodybuilding supplements with a healthy diet is a necessity. Fast foods need to be avoided because it reduces the likelihood of consuming essential nutrients that the body depends on readily. To take a closer look at the harmful effects of fast food, the risks of consuming fast food are mentioned below.

Causes Learning and Memory Problems

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study in the year 2011 which showed that people who consumed junk food for a period of 5 days only showed poor ability in cognitive tests with respect to mood, speed, and measured attention. Therefore, it can be concluded that eating fast food regularly for 5 days could significantly deteriorate memory functions. The rationale comes from the idea that a toxic or poor diet results in chemical changes that cause swelling in the brain’s hippocampus region that is associated with special recognition and memory. Synapses in the brain are related to memory and learning. As fast foods contain a lot of calories, it disrupts the healthy production as well as the functioning of synapses.

Increases Risk of Dementia

Scientists were able to discover that consuming fast food could increase the chances of suffering from dementia. A study was by Brown University stated that too many sweets and fatty acids can increase the level of insulin in the body significantly. As in the case of Type 2 Diabetes, the brain becomes resistant to insulin in higher amounts. This phenomenon is known to disrupt one’s ability to think and create or recall memories.

Reduces Ability to Control Diet

Processed and fried foods contain a lot of Trans Fat, which is known to send mixed signals into the brain, making it difficult the person to process the food that has been eaten and the level of hunger. This is the reason most people overeat. Essential fatty acids are crucial for the healthy brain functioning. When there is a lack of these fatty acids, many disorders like bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder may develop.

A study showed that Trans Fat causes hypothalamus inflammation, part of the brain that is known to contain neurons that help in controlling body weight. At certain scenarios, eating fast foods can be seen to follow a similar process of drug addiction that causes the activation of pleasure points in the brain.

It is not unknown that fast foods are extremely unhealthy. They contain way too much sodium, hydrogenated fats, and refined sugar, all of which are responsible for causing several health ailments.

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