Rama Navami Special Indian Recipes

Rama Navami is a big festival for Indians and we all celebrate his occasion by firing crackers and preparing various types of veg-food items in our home to welcome friends and relatives. This article is about food and if you want to know some special recipes of Rama Navami then this is the perfect place for you. Generally you can easily get some knowledge about these kinds of food in any Indian food recipe blog in internet which is not a tough job to prepare.

Here in this article I’m going to write about some of those recipes which can easily make in home by minimal home ingredients. So friends, let’s have a quick look at it.

Fasting is one of the most essential rituals matter in Indian festival and if you are going break your fast then you must try something healthy and lighter foods. That is the main attraction of these kinds of items. So, Indian traditional dishes are always a healthy and effective one to intake. Just like –

Sabudane Ki Kheer

It is a most favorite Indian sweet pudding item made by tapioca pearls (sago) and milk. If you want to enjoy this dessert then you need to cook it with low flame and you must give some time to prepare it. You have to cook it until the sago and milk blend well to enjoy it fullest. It’ll taste like heaven if you can cook it properly.

Aalu Ki Subzi (Veg-Potato Curry)

Aalu ki sabji is the most delicious and best dish to break your long day fasting in Rama Navami. You just need to ut the potatoes into little tiny pieces and add some spices with ginger. You can’t add onion and garlic to make it a pure veg item. You can have it with rotis, paratha or puri in your meals.

Singhare ki Poori

The pooris are made of water, chestnut flour, and potatoes. The flour is rolled, flattened with a rolling pin and deep-fried in oil. It makes for a great accompaniment with the aalu ki sabzi. If you are on a visit in India then you can find some street store where you can have this item as street food. It is very delicious to eat.


Khichdi is the easiest item to cook in your home with minimum ingredients. You just need to mix rice and daal (lentil) with accurate proportion then just boil it with some potatoes and other spices. It’ll become most delicious dish to have in your lunch or dinner.

There are many other recopies also like sweet kheer, jalebi, poha, mitha paratha and all that. Indian festivals are awesome and the festival foods will blow our mind if you can visit India in festive time. You can read about some great and traditional dishes on our blog (WWW.THEFOODAFFAIR.IN) and you can also comment on our every posts if you want to. We always try to help people with perfect recipes through our blog. So, if you are planning to cook something new today then don’t forget to visit our blog.

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