5 Ways to find the Best Indian Restaurant Melbourne

If you haven’t already found the best Indian restaurant Melbourne, you might be facing difficulties in separating the fine-dine restaurants from the cheap food selling ones. There are indeed a lot of Indian food restaurant in Melbourne but not all of them are worth paying a visit. While some of them have poor ambiance, others serve you literally anything in the name of Indian food. If you are an Indian food lover in Melbourne, you are about to have a great time indulging yourself in delicious Indian food. Wondering how, because we are spilling the secrets of finding the best Indian food restaurants in Melbourne that you must visit right away for the best taste and satisfaction.

Follow the crowd:

One of the best ways to find the best Melbourne Indian restaurant is assessing where the crowd is moving. If the majority of crowd seems to turn towards a single restaurant, the chances are high that it serves some incredible food. See which Indian restaurant is full most of the time and which ones has vacant seats around the clock.

Check the website:

Rarely any top Indian restaurant in Melbourne won’t have a website to woo its customers. It is the digital era and customer today are smart and aware. You need to feed them with the right information, before you feed them the right food. When a customer knows who you are, what you serve and what is your specialty, he is likely to feel connected to you, and this is the basis of a website that every restaurant must know.

Read out the reviews:

While a website offers you the insight of a restaurant from the owners, reviews are a more real picture of the restaurant. There are reviews on Google, on the company’s website as well as on some independent forums made for food reviewers. These reviews will give you a fair idea about the restaurant and its quality of food, customer service and anything else that you might want to assess its worth.

Try it out:

Maybe not with your family or friends, but you can try pout the restaurant once before you plan a big meal. You do not have to order a complete meal to check the restaurants worth. Just a visit to the restaurant, a talk with the manager and the taste of a sample dish may leave you with enough hints on the restaurants offerings.

Search online:

A search for the best Indian restaurant near me will take you a list of top restaurant serving Indian food in Melbourne. Go through the reviews, website and hit the place if you find it worth the investment.

These are some of the easy ways to find out whether or not a restaurant is spending your time and money. To be honest, a place that does not offer you good taste does more harm to you. So, try out these tips and never ever end up at the wrong restaurant.

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