5 Major Types of Printed T-Shirts that You Should Be Aware Of

Printed t-shirts have always found popularity, especially among the youth. They are extremely comfortable and cater to the fashion trends equally. Printed t-shirts are basically t-shirts bearing an image, design or typography on it. These casual wears are worn by every gender of almost every age. There are many types of printed t-shirts in the market.

Concert t-shirts-

Concert t-shirts are associated with a concert tour (commonly metal and rock) or a concert.This is done by musical groups and bands to promote themselves. It is an effective promotion strategy as bands and musical groups create their concert t-shirts and sell (or give away) them at their tours, shows, and events. Mostly a concert t-shirt contains silk screened graphics of an image, logo or the name of a music artist. These prints are on the front side of the t-shirts.

Concert t-shirts with printed rears list the information about the band’s latest tour. These can include the tour’s venue or host city name and the date of the tour. Fans buy concert t-shirts to wear them for future concerts. It is a way of showing the loyalty to a particular band or to simply show their taste. One can buy these concert graphic t-shirts online.

Course t-shirts-

Course t-shirts have military unit’s insignia on them. The insignia is printed as a souvenir either attending or graduating a course of instruction. These are widely used as mementoes for several small courses and events. A person wearing a course certificate is understood to have attended that particular course. Their origin can be traced back to the Second World War.

Tourist t-shirts-

As the name suggests, these t-shirts are related to travel or holidays. These are souvenir t-shirts that people take back home on their return from a holiday from a particular place. They display certain words or pictures that are associated directly with a particular country, culture or a place in general. For example, a Goan tourist t-shirt would depict the scenery of a sunset over a beach along with coconut trees. Tourist t-shirts have become a very popular gifting option. A person wearing it is understood to have either visited the place or has been gifted by a person who has been to that place.

Merchandise t-shirts-

Merchandise t-shirts are associated with trademarks and brands. The prints on such t-shirts include popular brands, sports teams, musicians and TV characters. These prints bring in additional revenue to the retail clothing trade. The prints on merchandise t-shirts are mostly licensed by proprietors of these trademarks and brands to distribute the merchandise t-shirts bearing their trademark or brand for retail purposes. A person wearing merchandise t-shirts are understood to be a die-hard fan of that particular brand or trademark he/she is wearing.

Art t-shirts-

Art t-shirts are t-shirts printed with artistic designs. In short, artists use the t-shirt as their canvas instead of standard paper to create art t-shirts. They are also mass produced with screen printing. Art t-shirts are lovely and stylish in terms of its printed designs. It is not limited to just designs and can be printed with anything depending on the artist’s creativity.

These are the major types of printed t-shirts one can find in the market. Printed t-shirts are printed with textile printing. This is where the quality of every brand differs. Lower quality printed t-shirts fade away with every wash and do not even last for a month. Whereas the prints of t-shirts by reputed brands do not wear off for years. This quality makes the purchase worth the investment. It is thus very important to buy clothing such as printed t-shirts and designer t-shirts from popular fashion brands.

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