What are CSGO Prime Accounts? Why are gamers getting Prime Accounts?

Considering how games have thoroughly evolved over the years and multiplayer has become the staple diet of the main gaming community, CSGO has evolved into a fairly successful one. The counter strike series have always been popular among the gamers, and because of the scrims and matches that used to be held before, players had no problem with dealing with hackers. The most recent iteration in the CS series is the Counter Strike Global Offensive, which has been able to retain a strong base of players, consisting of streamers, casual gamers, college players and quite a lot of professional players. The ranking system, introduced by CSGO back in 2012, is one of the major reasons, why this game has remained relevant even after 6 years of its release. The ranking system consists of a rank bracket, in which players in the CSGO community are individually ranked and assigned to. The only way they can move up the ladder, is by winning more ranked matches, and that has made all the difference. The game is even more competitive now, with the inclusion of CSGO prime accounts. CSGO players can shop CSGO prime accounts and get to play this game in a competitive manner right from their home, not having to make any special arrangements for scrims or matches.

Prime matchmaking is when players use their CSGO prime accountsto participate in ranked matchmaking where only prime account holders are allowed to play. Any account in CSGO can become a prime account, by registering it with any steam – verified mobile number. It won’t work if you don’t verify it, and once it is done, your account too becomes a prime CSGO gaming account. This prime account is basically an extension of your gaming identity as it is unique to your number, and if you cheat or hack using this account, then the ban will affect your number and won’t let it be registered for a new prime account. This has thoroughly improved the matchmaking experience, as lot of hackers are wary about prime matchmaking, as they can’t return to it as quickly as they could in normal matchmaking.

How can you get or Shop prime ranked accounts for yourself in the game?

  • In order for anyone to become a prime account holder in CSGO, they must first meet certain criteria of the game. Their main CSGO profile or account must be of at least 21 or above. This means that their account must of the lieutenant level and they will need to amass a lot of experience in order to reach that spot. Players can do this by playing ranked matches in their spare time and becoming a level 21 ranking gamer with their CSGO profile. This would then allow you to apply for prime with their account in CSGO.
  • In order for you to convert your normal accounts to CSGO prime accounts, you would then need to link your mobile number with them. You can do this by clicking on ‘details’ above your CSGO profile, once you are in – game. This will allow you to go through the process of adding your number to your CSGO profile. Once this is done, your account will too be regarded as a prime account and you would be able to use this and play prime matchmaking either solo, or with friends.

This is the most common way any CSGO player can effectively turn their accounts into prime accounts while playing the game. If you are not able to do so, or simply want to become a prime ranked player in a quick manner, then you can shop prime ranked accountsfrom gaming websites. On sites like Cheap CSGO Accounts, you can get CSGO prime accounts with the best ranks and prices.

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