Vidmate– The Best Video Downloader

Having problem to download online videos? You have searched a lot and spent a lot of time on downloading a video downloading app but all of your efforts went in vain? Well then, you have successfully wasted all of the time. Your solution is Vidmate.

What is Vidmate

Vidmate app is one of the best apps to download online videos where you can select the resolution up to full HD and can also select the storage path. Nowadays, people stream a lot of online videos. There are hardly any apps available in the play store to download the videos and if available, either the apps don’t work properly or has a complicated user interface or maybe it’s paid. Here vidmate goes far ahead and that is why it is better than any other apps of the segment. Vidmateis only available on 9apps store because it has the copyrights. The vidmate install process is very easy. Open the 9apps store, search vidmate, and choose the option that has a white “v” icon with an orange background. Download the apk and then install it on your decided path. This is it.

What is 9apps?

9apps is the store of apps and software. It was created years ago and since then the store has developed, upgraded and advanced themselves and as a result, 9apps is considering the second best android store, just after the play store. No matter what, the play store will always be the best android market because it has a huge share and has the copyrights of the android market. But they are facing a competition here. After installing the 9apps apk, you will be amazed to see the services they are offering. They are giving the users all of the paid android apps for free. It’s awesome! It is free of malware and virus so it’s totally safe. Users are satisfied with the services of the store. No scam or fraud or cheating happened so far about 9apps. The 9apps store offers apps off all genre like action, adventure, racing, arcade, photos and beauty, ebooks, file manager, audio and video player, multimedia streaming, antivirus, and cleaner and many more. There are uncountable free apps and 9apps store makes apps only for their users. So they care about their users.

The user interface of the app is friendly and very easy to use. 9apps store always gives updates for a stable version. Generally, software tends to slow down after years. Filled with bugs and issue of lags make the software faulty. This is where 9apps differs. They update themselves and for every update, the store becomes more stable than the previous version. It has anti-rollback feature. So if you don’t like the new updated version you can go back to the previous older version. There is no lag in this software and it is secured and trustworthy.

How to download it

9apps isn’t available in the play store. You have to download it separately from their website. Go to the website and download the 9apps apk.  After downloading the apk, you need to install it and you are ready to use. The process is not time-consuming so you can relax. It’s a tiny sized 3.4 MB app. currently, it has 2 million-plus users and the numbers are increasing. From the 9apps store, you can download thevidmate app.

Users are satisfied by using the Vidmate app. The easy to understand and the lag-free user interface is the reason. Besideshaving the 9apps store installed on the system, gives you access to an ocean of apps. So Vidmate is the video downloading solution and it is justified.

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