Unique Themes for Your Year End Party

The year is about to end, but the fun doesn’t. Before you a new chapter unfolds, you can finish the year with a bang. And an ender party with unlimited music, games, food, and booze feels like the best way to culminate 365 days of another wonderful year.

The last month in the calendar is about to conclude, and everyone is popping various parties to celebrate another glorious history. One of the biggest events being held for the employees, the year-ender usually revolves around a theme for all activities, from outfit to decorations. But unlike all other parties, people mostly put a premium on picking a unique theme for the night. Pretty sure you’ve gone for places, movies, and even eras as part of your choices. But the ultimate goal is to be creative, unique, and not too mainstream.

Here are several year-end party themes that offer you something different this time around.

Mardi Gras

If you want a splash of color, elaborate costumes and golden masks, then a Mardi Gras theme is the right one for you. Also called as the Fat Tuesday, this carnival celebration is the practice of eating indulgence before fasting during Lent begins. But there is more to this theme than just food and you can draw inspiration on how the world celebrates this annual festivity.

So, how do you pull off a Mardi Gras theme? First is to stick with the colors green, purple and gold. Ramp up that equipment from party rentals company to get the overall feel of the theme. This is Mardi Gras official colors. You can add a few others but stick to the trio when making your decorations, backdrop or the compulsory outfits to keep the theme on track. Then, don’t forget to have the Mardi Gras beads. The place and the people should be adorned by beads mostly of the trio colors. While guests arrive in zany Mardi Gras costumes, you can also set up mask making booths and photo corners to spice up the festivity. As to your menu, pick among the Creole and Cajun food like jambalaya and shrimps, and never miss the King Cake.

Hawaiian Luau

If you’ve done the fancy ones and want to try something exotic but exciting. Then the Hawaiian Luau is a great fit. Just like any cultural feast, luau offers an interesting set of meals, fun activities and entertainment without going to the breath-taking archipelago. What to wear? Just one word, aloha. This means floral shirts or Hawaiian prints partnered with khaki shorts or slacks. For women, you may try the traditional dress called mu’umu’u or a long floral dress. You can also do a Moana too by accessorizing shell necklace and flower lei. As to the tastes, nothing takes you to Hawaii than the food itself. Plate in some traditional food like lomilomi salmon, poi and kalua pork.

Bohemian or Boho

Want something floral, eclectic or nomadic? Then Bohemian is your theme. There is no perfect venue for this theme. It can be both indoor and outdoor. But if you opted to go with the open space, then a spell-binding location close to nature with a garden can be picturesque. As to decors, you can inject flowers, lace curtains or crocheted blankets or shawls. A stunning arch with lace ribbons, floral bouquets and wooden branches as a backdrop is perfect for taking photo-ops. And don’t forget the dream catchers. It isn’t Boho without them.

On the other hand, encourage your employees to wear whimsical headpieces that go with fancy accessories, like flower crowns or dream catcher shapes. For a Bohemian appetite, get those ornamentals around your table. You can still go for mainstream food but just accessorize it with the Bohemian theme, which is anything floral, wild or unconventional.

Arabian Nights

Ever wondered how your party would look and feel with an Aladdin-like set-up? Well, there is only one way to find out and that is to choose an Arabian Nights party theme. Rub that lamp and let the genie in you plan a magical day of fun. One of the unique ideas of this theme is a tent. You can go all out with an enormous tent or stretch out and line up smaller tents. The size really depends on the number of guests and location. Another key to achieving the exotic feel of the Middle East is the decoration which should be incorporated with the tent. Think of carpets and rugs, pillows, posts, draping cloth, floor cushions, and other luxuries all displaying Arabic style. If you have extra, you can bring in belly dancers and performers to fire up your event.

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