Top 10 Websites That Are Providing Promotional and Money Making Opportunities to Artists

A popular music website – Tunecore says, ‘Album Sales are Down! And The Music Industry is Thriving”.

Gone are the times when musicians needed to visit the record or sell their cd to make money. Today the Internet has completely transformed the promotion, distribution, uploading and consuming culture of music. The rapid rate of song download has bid adieu to the generation of cds. Internet has limitless opportunities and countless resources under its belt to make any unsigned artist the star of the generation. Besides that, the rise of Social Media has made sure that the artist gets to sell their cell phone wallpapers, T-shirts, get endorsement deals, get a chance to feature in an ad film and get their deserved recognition and fandom. Amidst these transitions of the music industry, there are certain websites who have got a huge role to play. Today let’s talk about the 10 most incredible websites which have helped in promotion and has garnered tons of earning opportunities for the artists.

garnered tons of earning opportunities for the artists.

#1. Sonicbids

Sonicbids expertly holds the top spot when it comes to music promotion and gig generating opportunity for artists. Here there is no appeal to build a fan-base and it’s just a musician-promoter based platform and this is how it differs from other competitor websites. This is the best platform for opportunities as it gets you opportunities for gigs with absolute ease and effortlessness.

#2. Reverbnation

When you want to build a devoted fan base then Reverbnation is the website you should be looking for. Reverbnation engages in active online promotion by posting your music on some of the biggest social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, Pitchfork, Tiny Mix Tapes, etc. It also helps you create ads for free and advertise in places which see the highest count of online traffic on a daily basis. Reverbnation helps the artist get bundles of opportunities to fast-track their career. From getting license deals to creating opportunities for performance in a local, national or international music festival to getting signed by top labels in the industry, this site is truly magnificent.

#3. Musicclout

Musicclout is the name of that stunning destination which leaves no stone unturned to give its artists the opportunities and exposure they require. Musicclout allows an artist to sign up for a free or a paid pack on a monthly basis and promotes it via their website. It also arranges gigs from across the world and any organizer can book an artist by few easy clicks.

#4. Songdew

Songdew has more than 25k musicians under its belt. It is the largest music network in India. Apart from engaging in aggressive online promotion through its social media handles, content marketing and unique features on its website, this site is a seat of plethora of opportunities. Songdew has tie ups with some of the big names in the country like Coca-Cola, Bose, Jabong, 100 Pipers, Casio, FabIndia, Renault, Godrej etc. and it creates revenue generating opportunities for Independent artists with the help of these big brands. Being the only platform that has so many features under its name it is the best and the biggest platform for music promotion and money making opportunity in India.

#5. Ditto Music

Ditto Music got nominated for the “Best Label/Artist Services Company” for its PR and Social Media campaigns in the Music Weeks Award 2015. This website claims to get the unsigned artists feature in the UK Top 40 and other digital stores. It has over 30 years’ experience in PR and its carefully designed promotional strategies and PR campaigns are one of a kind. Ditto Music also brings in a flood of opportunities for indie artists that help them earn.

#6. Music XRay

Music XRay is one of those decent websites that engages in decent promotion across social media handles and websites. It has an impressive PR strategy that ensures the artist gains traction. Music XRay also provides countless earning opportunities to the artists. This website has helped tons of artists create the right kind of buzz in the industry.

#7. Wired4Music

Wired4Music is a London based music platform that is focused towards musicians of the age group 16 to 25. It conducts professional projects, community projects, and money generating opportunities for musicians. It also arranges paid gigs for musicians. Besides that, Wired4Music also participates in hefty promotion and campaigning.

#8. Musicpage

Musicpage is one of the top rated opportunity generating platforms for citizens of United States. Musicpage has helped indie musicians get signed for license deals and get selected for live performances in countless music festivals and gigs across the country. This company incorporates some classic promotional strategies which is extremely impressive. Musicpage is host to some of the most heart-warming success stories which is worth a read.

#9. Sound and Music

The National agency for New Music in UK – Sound and Music is a merger of four existing music networks. Sound and Music takes active part in the promotion and support of contemporary music and experimental music in UK. Sound and Music also has partnerships with a gamut of organizations because of which it conducts live events, network building, audience development and other exciting opportunities for the artists.

#10. Record Union

Record Union is another phenomenal platform for music release, promotion and distribution. Record Union has garnered appreciations from indie musicians because of its striking promotional strategies. The seamless integration of impressive technology and brilliant strategies makes this website stand out. It has partnership with Sony Music and Tidal and provides them a catalogues of options when they look for artists. Once a month this company hosts a live music gig in their office to showcase an artist’s talent. Record Union is a major player in promotion, distribution and opportunity generating scenario.

Hence this was a list of top 10 websites which are primarily focused on the promotion, distribution and financial well-being of the independent artists. These websites are doing a stunning job for unsigned artists and they just hope to not leave a single unsigned artists feeling distraught and frustrated. These websites are making the perfect use of internet and technology and providing the artists everything they require to reach new-heights. As a music lover it is my earnest request to all Indie musicians to make use of these splendid platforms as they see themselves climb to the pinnacle of success, fandom and financial freedom.

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