Love Blues? Then Play These 3 Amazing Blues Chords Progressions

Are you a lover of Blues music? Do you also feel a different aura of Blues music?

After becoming a guitarist, most of the guitar players fell in love with the grooviness of blues and often try to learn the theory behind it. By Playing Blues chord progressions, they often start to change from mediocre to superb.

But why one should learn blues chord progression in the first place?

Blues rhythm is what blues chord progressions are meant for and are also essential for accompanying a great blues solo. In other words, To make a sound more melodic or to give a sound a unique taste of sound, blues music concept can be used.

So, If you want to become a cool lead/Rhythm guitarist of your Band, You should learn these 3 awesome Blues chords progressions. Check’em Out :


A7 / A7 / D9 / D9 / A7 / A7 /

/ E9 / D9 / A7 A#dim7 / Bm7 E7#9 /


A7 =5x565x
D9 = x5455x
E9 =x7677x
A#dim7 = 6x565x
Bm7 =7×7777
E7#9 = x7678x


/ Gm7 / Cm7 / Gm7 / Gm7 G#dim7 / Cm7 / Cm7 / Gm7 / Gm7 /

/ Eb9 / D7#9 / Gm7 Cm7 / Gm7 D7#9 /


Gm7 = 3×3333
Cm7 = x3534x
G#dim7 = 4x343x
Eb9 = x6566x
D7#9 = x5456x


/ B7 / E9 / B7 / D#m7b5 / E9 / E9 /
/ B7 / D#m7b5 / F#9 / C#m7 / B7 / F#9 /


B7 = 7x787x
E9 = x7677x
D#m7b5 = x6767x
C#m7 = 9×9999
F#9 = x9899x

So these were some easy and cool blues progressions in major, minor scale with a touch of Jazz in it. What are you waiting for, Try some amazing songs like dulo alexander diaz chords, teenage mind piano chords etc and become a master in Blues. Happy Jamming!!

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