CSGO Ranks and Everything revolving them

The 21st century is full of games which belong to all genre. The gaming universe has seen thousands of games that are well-versed in delivering what is expected from them. One of the biggest and most cherished games right now is the Counter-Strike Global Offensive. A majority of gamers love CS: GO as it offers the thrill of competition. The Counter-Strike series has introduced its games for the Xbox, PS, as well as Windows which has helped all genres of the gamers and made them fall in love with the game.

But, behind the curtains of fame and glory of the game, there is a dark side of CSGO ranks. It is hard to be a CS GOer especially if there is a nuisance like the CSGO Ranking. This drawback has made many people either look for alternatives or ways to walk past these CSGO ranks. This article deals with CSGO Ranking and ways to get clear of them. The following information might help players with the CSGO rank issues.

The curse of CSGO Ranking

CSGO ranks are one of the most agitate factors in the game. There are restrictions in the game which make players rank up slowly. The first restriction is that the players have to reach level 2 rank in order to participate in the ranked matches. Matchmaking is only enabled once the player has reached the silver rank. Although, even after reaching the silver rank, players still have a long way to go. They have to win rounds and gain XP to reach a higher rank.

If the player reaches a high rank, the difficulty increases to maintain it. The CSGO Rank of the player drops if he/ she loses rounds. In a nutshell, players have to ensure that they are winning rounds if they wish to reach a higher rank.

The solution

The first and the foremost criterion to reach higher rank is to have a certain amount of skills in CS: GO. These skills can be acquired by practicing and winning rounds. A majority of players suggest practicing and learning the concept of the game to ease the ranking up the road.

Another solution to reach higher ranks is by buying them. Multiple online shops offer services to purchase ranks as they are the shortcuts to desire ranks. Players can purchase their desired rank online and enter ranked battle. Or they can simply purchase the Global Elite rank and try to maintain it by winning matches.

Some tips to attain high CSGO Rank

Here are some helpful tips which can come in handy while playing the game.

  1. Play as a team.
  2. Set the graphics, sensitivity and other settings as required.
  3. Go for headshots.
  4. Don’t reload during rounds.
  5. Take cover while reloading.
  6. Learn to Sidestep and Strafe shooting.
  7. Learn the economic system of the game.
  8. Equip knives while running as it makes the player run faster.
  9. Participate in training to get a hold of the semantics of the game.
  10. Keep an eye on the map.

These tips can help players gain higher CSGO rankings as well as maintain them. There are basic as well as advanced ways to reach a higher rank. Players have the liberty to choose between practicing and acquiring a rank or purchasing them from an authorized source.

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