Get Powder Coated Pipes for Best Results

One of the most ideal methods of finishing pipes is through powder coating, which involves applying to the metal a dry powder, which is then heated and adhered to the piping. The powder coating process increases the strength and longevity of your pipes, which make it an effective solution for structures outdoors, or in other high weathering conditions. Here are some of the benefits of powder-coated pipes.

There are two main types of powder coatings: thermoplastics and thermosets. Thermosetting involves incorporating a cross-linker into the formulation that, when heated, reacts with other chemical groups in the powder polymer to enhance the weight and performance. Thermoplastic, however, does not involve any additions.


Powder coating offers a smooth finish and pleasing aesthetic, which makes it ideal for structures that are exposed and located in highly populated or trafficked areas. They also typically have fewer visual deficiencies as well, and can come in a variety of colours. They can be more expensive to manufacture in specific colour schemes, however, which may be a consideration.

Stronger finish

The finish of powder coating produces a thicker finish than paint, with the added advantage that it won’t produce dripping, running or sagging. offers enhanced durability compared to a paint finish, and is more flexible, withstanding more movement and vibration. The hardened powder coating also lasts longer and maintains its colour over time.

A cheaper alternative to paint coating

Powder coating requires less paint and maintenance, meaning it costs you less in the long run. It is more durable and resistant to damage, scratches, and chipping, so won’t require the aesthetic touch up that paint may require.

More economical

One of the major benefits of powder-coated pipes is the transfer efficiency, which is approximately 60-70% with the overspray being able to be reused. Pain, however, has a transfer efficiency of 30-35%, and roughly 50% of the material evaporates and is lost. Powder coating clearly offers a more cost-efficient option.Faster finishing process

Powder coating requires less time than paint to apply, so you are able to complete your projects faster.

Environmentally friendly

Where paint presents an environmental risk and its disposal is highly regulated, powder coating isn’t hazardous to the environment and can be disposed of in landfill. The overspray can also be recycled, reducing the material waste involved in their manufacture. Powder coating also has less of a carbon footprint than paint, so is an attractive option to those who are concerned about sustainability.A more

cost-effective option for businesses

Many companies and businesses are choosing powder coating for its longevity, durability and performance, along with its needing less maintenance over time, thus lowering overheads.

Faster production

Powder coating is faster to manufacture, as it removes the necessity of waiting for the wet paint to dry. Selecting powder coating is an ideal option for builds that require a fast completion.

The benefits to powder-coated pipes are clear, but if you still feel unsure about whether they’re the right option for you, visit a local hardware store and ask for a professional option.

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