Diversified Tents Online For Stay in Luxury Resorts & During Night Safari

What resorts offer more than the luxurious hotels?

Whenever we would be traveling away from home for business or leisure, we look out for the luxury and comfort for the accommodation. Staying in hotels is the most preferred way to stay relaxed as all the activities can be accomplished inside the suit or the deluxe room that the hotels provide.

The resort is a different concept. Usually, the resorts are placed in specific geographical locations such as adjacent to sandy and sunny beaches, in the dense forests, on the deserts and even adjacent to hilly and snowy areas. These resorts would offer package tours that include accommodation, food and other interesting and adventurous activities. This can be the major conceptual difference between staying in a hotel and staying in a resort.

Luxurious accommodation close to nature:

Resorts design their packages very tactfully. They offer multi-cuisine food or the delicious specialty local cuisine related to the traditions of the area they would be located in. For accommodation; the resorts would have luxurious tents installed instead of the hotel rooms or suits in the multi-storied buildings.

The luxury resort tents offered online for the accommodation of the tourists would be completely loaded with different luxurious amenities. The manufacturers offer the package deal that includes the wooden base for flooring installed on the support structure; the support structure for the tent made of wood, metal or plastic and the fabric that is usually sturdy canvas for long-lasting use.

Luxurious facilitations such as sofa set and lounge in the living room area; springy and comfortable mattresses, TV sets, music systems and internet connectivity in the bedrooms; bathtub, shower, and commode in the attached bathrooms; would be additionally installed to make the resort tents much luxurious than the tourists might be expecting.

These can be called as the semi-permanent installations that require adequate time, tools-tackles-equipments and skilled labor for installation and dismantling. These can extend the capacity of accommodating customers apart from the rooms in the civil constructed buildings.

Tents for expeditions:

Most of the resorts offer adventurous activities in the surrounding areas. Depending upon the surroundings, the tourists are offered camping in the nights during the night safari in the adjacent forest or even deserts. The resorts offer temporary installations for sleeping at night.

Typical construction of temporary tents:

The night safari tent would be made of sturdy and lightweight retractable support structure and the weatherproof fabric usually plastic or foam covering the structure completely. These tents would be shaped like the ‘igloo’ in the Antarctic region. Additionally, after entering the tent the single person or the couple can zip the tent from inside to protect themselves from the cold weather outside.

These tents are designed to be folded and carried in the backpacks for the expeditions. Thus they are kept as lightweight as possible for easy storage and transportation during the adventure tours. The enthusiast tourists can enjoy campfire along with the group; wine, dine, sing and dance together and then rest in the tents that are installed and dismantled within a matter of few minutes.

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